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About Us

Bixel Exchange is committed to transforming L.A. students from today’s technology consumers to tomorrow’s tech workforce. We’re working with L.A.’s top tech employers to create pathways to tech jobs for L.A.’s diverse talent pipeline.

Our team works with our tech partners to prepare the next generation of Angelenos for careers in the fast growing tech sector. Through our relationships with educational institutions, our partners have the opportunity to impact school systems with over one million students enrolled. Read our profile in Built in L.A.







In February 2015, former President Obama launched TechHire, a national initiative focused on developing city and regional strategies to train the workforce for higher paying tech jobs. LA HI-TECH was recognized by the White House as an innovative response to the President’s call to action. The City of L.A., educational institutions, nonprofits and business leaders are working together to provide access to and education training to 4,000 high school and community college students for gainful employment in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Bixel Exchange serves a critical role as the business intermediary, connecting industry leaders to local efforts that close the tech skills gap. LA HI-TECH is led by the Community College districts of Los Angeles, Pasadena and Santa Monica. For more information, visit lahitech.org.

Our Challenge

Los Angeles is the third largest tech ecosystem in the United States, and the fastest growing; but current and future workforce projections indicate a strong need to bridge a glaring skills gap. A 2014 report from the Public Policy Institute of California predicts that by 2025, California will have an estimated 2.5 million unfilled jobs that will require at least some postsecondary education, with Information Technology slated to be the fastest growing sector. At the same time, the under- or unemployment rate is almost 15 percent for young college graduates and 42 percent for people with high school diplomas. We can address these challenges with thoughtful planning and strategic collaboration. Together, industry leaders and educational institutions can equip young people with the necessary skills to pursue a successful career in our local tech industry.

We Focus on Three Tech Career Pathways:



The L.A. Tech Talent Pipeline

In June of 2017, Bixel Exchange brought together technology, education and workforce development leaders to launch the L.A. Tech Talent Pipeline, a new partnership with the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti. The initiative is a component of the HIRE LA’s Youth program, and brings together public and private sector partners to expand training and job opportunities for the next generation of talent. As part of the launch, three exciting initiatives were announced:

  • The Mayor’s Special Committee on Tech Talent and Training brings together L.A.’s tech leadership to focus on developing a diverse and local talent pipeline. Read the full press release.
  • The L.A. Tech Talent Challenge placed 100 talented, low-income Angelenos into paid internships at L.A. tech companies in the last year.
  • A new partnership between the City, Bixel Exchange and LinkedIn to leverage LinkedIn's unique, proprietary data to provide labor market research on the technology sector, skills gaps and opportunities for local training and educational institutions. View the LinkedIn data.


Get Involved

Is your company interested in participating in supporting the next generation of Los Angeles' tech workforce through classroom/panel guest speaking, company tours, interactive workshops or internships?




Contact Lindsey Heisser, Director, L.A. Tech Talent Pipeline, at lheisser@lachamber.com for more information.



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